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Beauty Box Offer: Next-Level skincare

Beauty Box Offer: Next-Level skincare

This beauty box is about exploring ‘next-level skincare’.  This means specialist products that are a cut or three above what you find in the high street.

Just £24.99 - worth £112.99 - a saving of 75%

As always, this skincare box is a huge bargain - it's £24.99 including P&P for all these products which are worth £112.99, so you're saving 75% on the normal prices (or saving £88, if you prefer to look at it that way). If you want to cut to the chase, the link to buy is here  - or read on for more details about the products and a video talking through what they do and why I love these products and why I chose them for this box.

So what is 'next-level' skincare? 

Next-level skincare tends to be a lot more expensive than  high-street brands because it contains more active and specialised ingredients and it is usually sold through clinics rather than shops.  It works that much harder than most skincare and is more effective.  I have tried each of these products and I know they do what they claim, so here's your chance to try them for yourself at an amazing price.


Neostrata Foaming glycolic wash. RRP £30   

This is a face wash I come back to time and again. Neostrata is a brand that’s a really great example of ‘next level’ skincare – it was set up over 50 years ago by a pair of leading American dermatologists,  Dr Eugene Van Scott and Dr Ruey Yu. They are the duo who first worked with compounds that they named ‘alpha hydroxy acids’ – so, yes, they 'invented' the whole AHA category  - which are so beneficial for the skin and which are now so popular in skincare.

Don’t be put off by the face that it’s ‘foaming’ – it doesn’t strip the skin of all its oils but it WILL leave the skin beautifully clear and ready to absorb any serums or moisturisers you may be using. This is because the glycolic acid it contains gently loosens the bonds that hold old dead skin cells onto the skin’s surface, to give you a light exfoliating effect without any scratching or scrubbing. So it unclogs any congestion in the skin and makes it more receptive to whatever skincare you are using.

24-hour Skin Chemists Aqua Repair Facial Serum £59.99

This is a brilliant product for hydrating your skin from Skin Chemists – they’re a great brand, with thoughtful formulations that are often a bit unconventional, but very effective.

The key ingredients here are rose water, which is very calming on the skin, Allantoin which is moisturising and anti-inflammatory – so again that has a calming effect on the skin and aloe vera which is also moisturising and soothing.

I love hydrating gels, particularly in summer, because my skin always feels like it needs hydrating, it needs that moisture, but in the summer what it doesn’t need so much is the oiliness you can get with a face cream. So I just use this, then sunscreen, and I’m good to go.


!QMS hyaluronic Acid Mask  £23

I love this mask for soothing and hydrating the skin. 

 QMS is a terrific brand launched just over 30 years ago by a German skin specialist called Dr Eric Schulte who had been researching wound healing before he turned his attention to skin. His skincare is beautifully formulated this mask is a really good example of the way his products nurture the skin. It's a light, firm foam full of moisturising hyaluronic acid  and also contains silk proteins to leave your skin extra smooth. You don’t wash it off – if your skin is anything like mine, it will all be absorbed within 10 minutes. If there’s any residue, I just massage it in.

Save £88!

All of this is worth £112.99 and it's yours for £24.99 including postage & packing. The link to buy is here  and I'm happy to say that this time, we have all the products in the warehouse already - and the first 100 people to order will also snag a sample of Ultradex toothpaste, a 'next-level' toothpaste which is proven to whiten teeth by oxidising stains (organic stains, that is, from things like coffee or red wine or curry) and is great for beating bad breath, too.  





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