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Gentle, sanitising water: Aquaint



What is it?   Yes, this looks a bit like a baby product, doesn't it, but this is just its new incarnation (as Vital Baby Aquaint). It's a sanitising water that works well for anyone who likes to cart the stuff about with them... 

What’s the USP? ... and unlike most sanitising products that contain stronger chemicals such as Triclosan or Benzalkonium Chloride -- or indeed alcohol -- this 'super-water' is so benign that it can be used as a mouthwash and has passed UK drinking-water tests. The key ingredient is stabilised Hypochlorous Acid, which is also produced in the human body to kill harmful bacteria, and yes, though gentle it is nonetheless effective, and kills 99.9% of bacteria. From £2.49 for 50ml at Vital Baby's website.  



How new is it? Not new but not well known, but now that it has joined forces with Vital Innovations and emerged in this new form, Boots has just listed it for inclusion at selected stores, and Tesco will be selling it later in the year.   



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