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CocofaceWhat is it? It’s a company that imports young Thai coconuts (the Nam Hom variety, if you’re interested) renowned not only for their sweet taste but also for their numerous health and beauty qualities. Started by two friends, Dash and Charlie, these coconuts are not only super-delicious but the water and the flesh are said to be beneficial for everything from high blood pressure, weight loss, and low energy to healthy skin and hydration, hence the reason we're clocking it here among the beauty brands. The coconuts are raw, unpasteurised and un-tampered with which is why they taste so good and the flesh can also be used in smoothies, desserts, salads, eaten as is and, of course, cocktails (from £18 for nine nuts, cocoface.co.uk)


How new is it? It launched in 2012


I’d try... Checking out the bit on their website about opening the nuts. Coconuts are notoriously difficult to get into but Cocoface offer tutorials about the best way to get into them.



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