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Beauty that's more than skin-deep.

What is it?   New to the UK, it's a brand of 100% natural beauty supplements, Beauty Shot and Synergie, by Monaco-based super beauty aficionado, skincare expert and beauty author, Daniele de Winter. Beauty Shot is a soluble beauty drink containing a whole range of powerful superfruits (such as acerola, baobab, curcumin and acai) and collagen. It's anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-cancer while helping to hydrate the skin, protect from free radicals and improve cellular renewal. Synergie is a sachet of six synergistic, super-capsules designed to 'airbrush the skin from within' with astaxanthin (a super-powerful anti-oxidant), green lipid mussels which are rich in hyaluronic acid, and EPA and DHA Omega 3 oils. Daniele has found through extensive research that these ingredients, taken together, work as a team to control sebum, boost the skin's immunity against pollution and heal skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Of course, the great thing about beauty supplements is that they benefit the whole body, inside and out and Daniele speaks passionately about how these supplements can help improve physical stamina, reduce joint stiffness, ease post-workout soreness, enhance mood, brain, eye and heart function. Finally, Synergie can, according to Daniele, help slim your waist too by tackling internal inflammation which is a major cause of visceral fat. Hope springs eternal.


How new is it? It launched today in the UK, is only available by Daniele's website but will be in the shops very soon. Both Synergie and Beauty Shot cost £9.30 for a 3 day supply and £70.86 for a 28 day supply, danieledewinteruk.com.

I’d try... giving them a go. As they're 100% natural they can do no harm but the benefits could be huge. (Karen, who went to the launch today and wrote this post, came away completely convinced by the whole package.)  We'll keep you posted.