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A COURSE OF THE LATEST NON-SURGICAL FACE-TIGHTENING treatments?  Yes please. Every now and then I feel the need to try out a new face-improving programme. It's as much research as vanity (I like to think) and the most recent one I've been persuaded to experience is Endymed, which I'm trying at the Waterhouse Young clinic in Marylebone.

Rather than laser or ultrasound, Endymed uses radiofrequency (RF) energy, which tightens the skin by 'shrinkwrapping' it; the RF heats the collagen within the skin enough to make it contract and tighten, and it also stimulates your skin to produce new collagen its own for further firming effects. It's not the first RF treatment - Thermage has been around for over a decade - but that only treats the surface of the skin. Endymed's point of difference is that, in its 3DEEP Intensif treatment, the RF energy is delivered through a bunch of tiny sharp needles lined up in the treatment-head of the device, to shrink-wrap more collagen, deeper down, for a better result.

And yes, needles... high doses of energy... it's not exactly a comfortable treatment, which means spending half an hour with my face covered in anaesthetic cream before starting, trying to relax and fretting that it will hurt as much as Ulthera which I wrote about earlier in the year (and which gave a good result. Whether it was a £3k-worth result is hard to say, but it definitely tightened up my mid-face and the saggy 'ipad-chin' skin under my jaw). But the actual treatment hurt much less than I was expecting - it's uncomfortable rather than painful, particularly towards the end when the anaesthetic starts to wear off.

I went home looking scorched, but the redness had fallen away within a couple of hours. That was a month ago, since when I've cautiously using the recommended skincare programme (and a lot of sunscreen), which I'll write about another time, along with the follow-up treatment. And, in due course, the results...