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Good Things Spa

Good Things Spa
September 21, 2015

Here's something to cheer up a dull afternoon  (it has been pouring here in London): I'm thrilled (as in, really thrilled, not just beauty-speak-thrilled) to announce the arrival of the Good Things Spa range which will be going into Superdrug imminently at bargain prices -- these are the first finished samples to make it to my desk, which as you can see form a trio of bath soaks (bath oils and body washes will follow...) which do what they say on the front. 

And yes, sorry, disclosure-time, this is not one of my usual unbiased observations on beauty products. If you don't know me, you may not know that Good Things is a range of products for gentle cleansing and skincare that I created five years ago (you can find the skincare at Boots), so I have a personal and financial interest in it. So I happily admit bias here, but nonetheless, I'm delighted that the Good Things offering is now widening to include bathing.