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IOMA www.ioma-paris.com

IOMA 3What is it? Super-high-tech French skincare range.
What’s the USP? ‘Evidence-based cosmetology’, aka measurably effective skincare for any type or age of skin. I still don’t quite understand what encouraged Jean Michel Karam, a hugely successful technology entrepreneur (he’s known as the king of MEMS, which stands or micro electro mechanical systems, and which are used in everything from pressure sensors in aircraft to hospital equipment) to transfer his attentions to face creams, but he has done so with great panache.The idea is that you use the stuff, come back and are rescanned, see proof of the improvement in your skin, and become a grateful customer for life. Karam has great confidence in his products (‘I’m a scientist. I don’t bullshit people,’ he says) and reassuringly good skin.
Why the name? It’s ‘à moi’ (for me, in French) backwards, because it’s all about giving women that ‘me’ moment – for looking after their skin and improving themselves.
How new is it? Launched in France in 2010, arrived in the UK in 2012 and is still exclusive to Harrods.
Hero products? Newest and most amazing in an impressive line-up is the Booster Jeunesse (£149). Even more exciting than the cream itself is the skin-hydration-measuring device in its lid. Press this to your cheek before application every day, and it will tell you how dry your skin is (yes really – a series of lights come on to tell you how dry your skin is) and therefore how much of the product to use.
If money is no object... Try the customised skincare products, mixed up on site to suit your skin’s needs, as diagnosed by a detailed examination using one of IOMA’s scanning probes.