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by Karen Heath





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New brand: My Trusty
19th November 
I love the story of this brand. Over twenty years ago, Salisbury District Hospital developed a moisturising cream for patients recovering from burns and plastic surgery. The product was made by the hospital's clinical scientists and the hospital pharmacy.

The key ingredient in the cream is sunflower oil which helps replace essential fatty acids and improve the texture of the skin. Not only did the cream help the patients but the staff started using it themselves as a general moisturiser and hand cream, and as anyone who has ever worked in a hospital will know, constantly washing your hands between patients may be necessary for infection control but has a very drying effect on the skin.
My Trusty Sunflower Cream (from £6.99) was launched as a brand two years ago and was quickly followed by a lavender scented version, both of which are great for inflammatory skin conditions including dry, itchy skin, dermatitis, eczema and acne. 
Since then a face and body oil (£11.99), and a body butter (£7.99) have been added to the range. mytrusty.co.uk 





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