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What is it? 

Founded in Colorado 12 years ago, MyChelle Dermaceuticals claims to be America’s number one facial skincare line.

Be a belle with MyChelle!



What’s the USP? 

MyChelle travel the world over to find the most potent natural ingredients Mother Nature has to offer to create a skincare line that delivers a powerful daily dose of nutrient-dense ingredients that create bioactive synergy using both plant and marine ingredients.



Hero product? 

The Perfect C Serum (£29, www.mychelleuk.com) - a super antioxidant which provides anti-aging benefits , strengthens collagen and smooths skin texture.


How new is it? It launched in the UK one year ago.


I’d try... 

The Pumpkin Renew Cream (£21), that despite rather disappointingly not smelling of pumpkins (nor is it orange-coloured, rather a very pale mint green), is a fabulous moisturiser in a lightweight formula that blends antioxidant-rich Pumpkin Seed Oil with reparative Peptides to protect cell health and maintain hydration.