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:Nurse Jamie

NURSE-JAMIEWhat is it?  Nurse Jamie, the LA-based go-to skin guru for celebs such as Kirsten Dunst, is firmly of the opinion that extraordinarily good skin starts with extraordinarily good skincare. Over the course of many years tending the skin of the famous and the fussy, she has developed firm opinions about which skincare ingredients get the best results and here is her skincare range which launched in Harrods today. The star of this is the EGF Platinum System (£1,060)  - EGF being Epidermal Growth Factor, the sort of high-tech stuff that speeds up the turnover of your skin cells and soon has them behaving like their younger selves. I'm rather taken with the Acellerator Ultra (£161) which is a device that promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, as well as revving up cell turnover. I can't see the products on the Harrods website just yet but you can read more about them and about Jamie on www.nursejamie.com (I met her when she came to the UK to present the products a few months ago and yes, she looks just as great in person as she does in her picture, despite her busy practice and, eek, toddler triplets).