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Happy face: Orico

What is it? ‘Fast skin-food’, which means skincare that’s full of replenishing superfoods to boost your skin (as opposed to fast food for skin…). 


What’s the USP? Ecocert-certified organic skincare encompassing anti-ageing, babycare and bodycare, with built-in happiness boosters. Yes really.


Hero productS? The 
Superico Face Oil (£28) and Rush Hour dry body oil (£19), www.oricolondon.co.uk.



Happy face: Orico

Why the name? 
Because it stands for Organic Rich Ingredients in Cosmetics & Oils.

How new is it? Launched last year (it’s a British brand), now with a shop in the Kings Road in London.  

I’d try... 
Any of it, out of curiosity about the happiness boosters as much as for its other lovely ingredients. The happiness ingredient is an aromatherapy blend of mandarin essential oil, which is held to increase circulation and have an uplifting and cheering effect, reducing irritability and easing tension. Think sweet thoughts as you massage it in and see if it doesn’t work its magic for you.