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24th March, 2016


by Karen Heath

We’ve had bird-poo facials, snail-slime face creams, bee pollen and even bee-sting serums and creams... Now, here is a range of beauty products based on oil from Nile crocodiles. 
Repcillin originates from South Africa and was founded by John Sweet in 2005 and combines Nile crocodile oil with essential vitamins, botanicals and organic and fair-trade oils. 
Crocodile oil is produced from the fat of the crocodile and is reported to be good for skin concerns such as dermatitis, acne, discolouration and pigmentation of the skin, burns, dryness, psoriasis, sunburn and skin allergies.

Before you are all up in arms, I need to add that no crocodiles are killed especially for this brand, rather the crocodile fat is a by-product of commercial crocodile farming. The crocs are farmed for their skins and meat and until now the fat has been a waste product, and Repcillin's products are approved by environmental organisations. 

All of Repcillin’s products are handmade, bottled and packaged by hand in England and you can find them at repcillinpure.co.uk with prices starting at £4 for a lip balm.









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