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Roll-on face mask: Skincerity

What is it?   I’ve been intrigued by reading about this product, the star of the ’Nucerity’ brand, which is a very unusual face mask. It is described as a ‘nightly breathable masque’, which you apply over your moisturiser, at night, from a roll-on bottle. It’s extremely pricey (around £85 on Amazon, though it’s usually supplied through a direct-selling operation) and it’s meant to enhance the action of whatever product is underneath it - usually moisturiser - and to deliver antioxidants into the skin. Loads of people seem to love it… but then I saw that the indefatigable Paula Begoun (the USA’s ‘Cosmetics Cop’) had reviewed it on her website, Paula’s Choice, as follows  http://www.paulaschoice.com/beautypedia-skin-care-reviews/by-brand/nucerity/_/Skincerity-Nightly-Breathable-Masque
If you haven’t time to follow the link and are wondering whether to try the product, the short answer is, don’t (I haven’t tried it and am not planning to…)