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Frozen pearls for injury relief

What is it and what's the USP?   If you’ve ever resorted to a pack of frozen peas straight out of the freezer to help soothe sprains, knocks, aches or pains then you’ll be glad to know about TheraPearl. Tiny non-toxic 'pearls' are incorporated into a range of products from knee-wraps, shin-wraps, neck wraps, contour wraps and eye masks.  The pearls are pliable and remain so even when frozen so they mould to any part of the body really easily and apply cold to exactly where you need it. Relating to ice therapy or cryotherapy, applying ice immediately after an injury or physical trauma constricts blood flow and slows bleeding and swelling. Ice therapy is also great for pain or muscle spasms by decreasing the metabolic rate of cells.


Hero product? The Cold Therapy Sports Pack (£7.99, boots.com) which could be used for all manner of issues and really is the bag-of-frozen peas substitute, though it looks a bit more like blue frogspawn than peas or pearls. Is it a beauty product? The knee-wrap, not so much,  but that eye- mask looks just the ticket for soothing puffy eyes so I reckon it qualifies. 

How new is it? It launched this month.


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