About Me 


I’m a journalist and for nearly 20 years I have been writing about everything to do with beauty, from skincare and make-up to  cosmetic procedures, with a bit of fragrance and wellbeing thrown in for good measure. It’s a fantastically enjoyable job - trying to stay up to speed with all the extraordinary innovations in cosmetic and aesthetic technology, and getting to try loads of products and treatments in the process.


I am freelance and my work appears in many newspapers and magazines (there are some links on the Journalism page). I have also written two books on beauty and wellbeing for teenagers, one with my each of my daughters. I wrote Be Beautiful (click here to see the page on this) with Molly, and 100 Ways for Every Girl to Look and Feel Fantastic (click here for this link) with Beth. I have also created a range of skincare called Good Things  (you can find its site here), which is available at Boots.com 


I also work widely across the beauty industry - consulting, writing, editing and presenting on assignments ranging from ‘translating’ skincare science and writing press releases to compère-ing live demonstrations of high-tech beauty treatments such as lasers and skin peels, along with one-off projects such as a report on the best-selling lipsticks at Heathrow Airport.


The social media whirl.
Because there are far more fabulous things that come across my desk than I ever manage to write about in print, I blog, vlog, tweet, and Instagram  about new products and things I have been up to, and also about new brands. The new brands blog started out as an experiment: if I wrote up a new beauty brand every day, how soon would I run out of brands that were either brand new or just new to the UK and less than two years old? After doing 400 posts in a row - with an awful lot of help from my brilliant assistant Karen Heath - we decided to scale it back to posting new brands just occasionally but feel we can’t stop.




And I do know that beauty is much more than skin deep, but also that we live in a fickle society where we habitually judge each other according to how we look, so we may as well try to look our best.




Awards include: 

2004: Fellowship for British Hairdressing: Journalist of the Year
2008: Johnson & Johnson Beauty Awards: Journalist of the Year
2010: Procter & Gamble Beauty & Grooming Awards:
Best Beauty Journalist of a Monthly Consumer Glossy
2012: Cosmetic Executive Women (UK) Achiever Award
2013: Johnson & Johnson Beauty Awards: Service to Industry Award
2013: SLA Information Book Award Children's Choice Overall Winner